Hello, my name is Buddy Nobles and, as you may know, I’m the creator of “Ecom Buffet”. This blog has everything you definitely should know in the world of finance, and to be more a little more specific, we talk about the current state of marketing and how to make business properly, which is something more than mandatory in the world these days.

Since years ago, the internet has become a powerful tool for many of us, turning into a bridge that helps us communicate and access to different kinds of information all in one place. And many of us use this bridge as a way to make business and make a living with it. Not to mention how a marketing campaign can be implemented on the internet and increase notably the reach of the campaign itself.

That’s why I saw a great opportunity to start a blog that could help millions of readers who come every day searching for a place to learn everything about business and marketing. We discuss the basics so you can take off a good start, and we talk about the most advanced discoveries and techniques in these areas. Here in “Ecom Buffet” we are the best place to start expanding your knowledge.