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5 Roles of Technology in Marketing & an SEOProfiler Review

With today’s dynamic and competitive business world, technology is playing a key role especially when it comes to marketing both products and services. Traditionally, people would create brochures and distribute them, buy newspaper ads, write editorials, etc. as part of their marketing efforts. Today, all these strategies aren’t used as business owners have switched to digital marketing, PPC, SEO, SEM, social media among others.

Technology has revolutionized most marketing functions, making it easier for businesses to acquire more clients and conversions with limited effort. Today, the marketing space has changed in terms of strategies, concepts, trends, new ideas, and best practices. This also includes powerful tools, look here for the Best SEOProfiler Review on the Web.

Recent studies show that 24% of global marketers have said to have benefited very much from using social media as a marketing platform. Below are some roles of technology in marketing:

1. Mobile devices advertising

Over the past decade, there have been tremendous changes in terms of social media and its impact on user interaction. Social media has created many marketing opportunities where businesses can easily connect with their customers for more personalized campaigns. Social media marketing enables businesses to reach out to customers anywhere across the globe with ease. With the rising use of mobile devices, many people are using them to search for products and services online. It has therefore become important for businesses to use mobile ads.

2. Growth in chatbot technology

A chatbot is a technology that combines voice, text, and messaging so that you can reach your target audience directly. Statistics show that at least 45% of clients are willing to use then for communicating with businesses. The use of chatbots has been praised due to the manner in which customers’ inquiries are handled. The questions customers ask, their challenges, and the feedback they provide via chatbots are useful when it comes to analysis, which further has an impact on future marketing plans. It’s estimated that about 80% of communication between businesses and their clients is usually through chatbots. It’s therefore essential for all businesses to incorporate chatbots in their marketing strategy.

3. Use of voice in marketing

According to statistics, almost a third of the searches in search engines like Google are voices nowadays. This is something that is rising from day to day. Automation, machine learning among other technologies are making voice and ideal marketing tools today. It’s therefore essential for every marketer to take part in voice marketing since it hasn’t been exhausted. First, ensure you come up with SEO strategies that will enable you to fetch good results so that you can now predict what customers want. Ensure you also use a language that can be understood with the right keywords in your sentences. Technology is assisting many people in this way to market their products and services.

4. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is simply the development of machines that can perform human tasks with ease and little errors. In today’s business world, artificial intelligence is part of our lives. Due to the fact that marketing requires both planning and decision making, the use of artificial intelligence is key support. Most businesses are considering using this technology to ensure most of their processes are efficient. In terms of marketing, this technology assists businesses in gathering more and more insights regarding their targeted audience by providing predictive searches, some recommendation engines, etc. The use of artificial intelligence has really helped businesses by offering better user experiences and general marketing.

5. Video marketing

Videos play a key role in marketing today as a result of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and even Facebook. Studies show that most customers prefer seeing a video compared to reading long sentences of a blog post. The impact of video marketing can never be underestimated at any point in time. Every marketer should therefore understand that the quality and uniqueness of the videos will determine your success. Statistics show that videos sent in emails have higher chances of being clicked and thus conversions.

In conclusion, these are some roles of technology in marketing. All these technologies have made it easier for businesses to engage with their customers. With more and more people using the internet today, marketing is becoming more effective especially as a result of mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

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